Monday, June 23, 2008

Ubuntu 8.0 review continued:

Ubuntu 8.0 review continued:

yesterday I reviewed some of the features of the latest Ubuntu. Well the biggest development of the latest KDE version is the implementation of the 3D effects.3D effects are great in this OS. Infact the given beryl 3D manger has almost all the options that one could ever imagine.Also it produces stunning results. The bery manager could be used to make your windows wobble,spiral and almost any other effect that you find in Vista or the Mac. The biggest advantage of Linux is the fact that it is open source. It means that you could also change the OS the way you like and help in developing the OS. That's Why Ubuntu has has been able to this kind of OS though it is free. As far as graphics is concerned, it is on par even with the Mac OS.The other aspect of Ubuntu is its support for a lot of packages. If you use itunes in windows, then you could try the Amarok player which is better than the itines music player in many aspects. Well it is a great player. Also for playing Videos you could use the VLC player that you've used in Windows. It is available for Linux as well. the latest ubuntu version also allows you to install games that are given to U through the synaptic package manager. The package manager is great and you could try it out as it has a lot of packages available for you. You could also install Wine software or Cadega which are great windows emulators and you could use them to rum some small windows programs in the Linux. For,you have a replacement in the form of It is a great office software and you could try it on any given day. It is simply superb. all in all the latest ubuntu is great and you could order a free version as it also supports free shipping which is great news isn't it?

Windows 7 in 2009? New OS Every Year?

Windows 7 in 2009? New OS Every Year?

Last week, Microsoft Chairman, Mr. Bill gates announced that the new windows Vista will be replaced by the Windows 7 in late 2009. In an interview to the Stanford University,Mr. gates suggested that the New Windows 7 would take touch devices to another level. Well after the disappointment of windows Vista will windows 7 atleast take computers to another level? Well one thing is sure. As usual, Microsoft has already started to hype the Windows 7, which means that you are going see this product very soon.Just now we all have switched to Vista, now there is another OS round the corner. They are very good Businessmen, ain't they?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hey fellow dudes,
Sorry I've not been able to update my blog last 2 days as I was busy in creating other blogs. Okay today I will you a review of the latest ubuntu. Well I installed it and tried all the latest features.
Well let me start with the kernel.It has the latest kernal version well I forgot the number. It has got the latest Gnome Desktop environment. Well Ubuntu is a free Os and is a Live Os that means you can try it before you install it. It is very easy to use and I think ubuntu is the best Operating System that new linux users should try. On the top of the desktop there is the ubuntu key similar to the windows start button. Here you have a list of programs that are available on your computer. Different softwares are divided into different categories. Then there is the add/remove programs option which can be used to install new programs. Well this option makes use of the Synaptic Package Manager that Gnome desktop environment uses. Well Ubuntu has a list of all packages that is available in the Linux World. You will come preinstalled with which is similar to the Ms-office. some of the other softwares that need to installed are
1.amarok Player: well tis is a must install software if you wish to listen to music
2.Codecs: Well you need to install all the neccessary codecs to play different types of files
Well the review of the latest ubuntu version will be continued tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Linux World

Hi guys,

well everyone knows windows and has been irritated by the numerous errors of windows. Not many of us have been able to leave windows and go to linux or other operating systems. The only problem with all the operating systems out there is the brand word that windows associates itself with called "COMPATIBILITY".Everyone fears to use an operating system other than windows fearing the compatibility of various softwares in the new operating system. But then if you have the correct information about various softwares that are available in different operation systems why would you not attempt to try another operating system. So this blog will give you information about the various OS issues and will give you enough OS choices that you can try with.Also as a bonus we will give you enough tips that will make your windows work like a super mac. Keep watching this blog for the latest news about various operating systems. We will also help you to set up a linux OS in your computer and use it with proper knowledge.Hope you like this blog!!!

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